The Great Flood

The Flood

Friday 22nd June 2012, just gone 7pm. Few tables in, waiting for what was supposed to be a busy night. Front of house staff setting tables up for a few large tables, kitchen staff prepping food ready for the rush, of people, not water!


It starts to rain, steady at first, then heavier, and heavier. The drains struggling to cope. The first inch of water starts to creep in as staff try to brush the water out. All customers bar one table leave, remaining customers wanting to finish their delicious meal!


The rain is now a torrential downpour, pouring in through the cellar beer drop, and up through the drain. The beer cellar wall comes crashing in, leaving a gaping hole, and it’s now a waterfall. Very quickly, the cellar fills up, and water starts pouring into the restaurant from the front the side, and the cellar, and within minutes its 2 feet high


Customers are now stranded in the restaurant as water rises to several feet. The fridges and equipment in the kitchen are knocked over by the sheer force of the water, emptying their contents into the water. Soon enough, bits of chicken, fish and meat, were floating around in oil from the fryers throughout the restaurant. A gourmet meal!


And the water kept coming, staff and customers are sat on the bar and window sills watching the water rise higher outside and rushing past like a white water rapid. And that’s how it was for many hours for staff and customers, hungry and cold, and utterly devastating to watch.


The water eventually subsided in the early hours of the morning, enough for us to get down and leave the property. The scene next day was like a hurricane had passed through. Mud everywhere, fridges lying face down doors wide open, horrible smell of food mixed in with dirty water. Nothing had survived, everything destroyed.

The Refurbishment

The refurbishment principle was simple, get everything out to its bare bones, all electrics, plumbing, everything, and start again as if it was a brand new restaurant. We did not want any reminders to the devastation of the flood. Our contractor, Sa’im Developments, was chosen for several reasons, not only the quality of work and attention to detail, but also, having worked on our previous restaurants, we felt that they understood our vision and take it from initial conception to the final product.


Together with the contractors, we came up with themes, possible materials and sources, and a work plan. Everything was painstakingly ripped out, stripped, labelled, and replaced. Day at a time, section at a time, to create what we see in front of us today!


The New Vedas

When The Vedas first opened many years ago, the look was of a clean cut, white, almost clinical decor. Gone were the days of patterned carpets, pictures of Maharaja battle scenes adorning the walls, and the same Bollywood instrumental CD playing over and over again!


This time, we wanted to create a look that was different, a look that heralded Old India yet retaining the charm of the bygone era of Todmorden and it’s industrial heritage. The walls, stripped back to show the old brick interior of the Waddington Print Work, pillars exposed, and the use of reclaimed materials gives the restaurant and rustic, cosy and intimate feel. Indeed, one wall is entirely clad in wood reclaimed from the structure of the old Wembley Stadium. A few nails and bolts, and it once again takes us back to a bygone era


Reclaimed low level pendants, wood cladding, and glowing stone pillar inserts and bar complete the look. The Vedas, a place to relax, wine and dine in complete style and first class service


Opening Times

Sun - Thur 5.00pm - 11.00pm

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